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Soprano or Alto Singer using ChoraLine app on a tablet

Learn Handel's Messiah from your device

Learn to sing the Messiah perfectly with the ChoraLine app

for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass

Tried and tested by thousands of singers around the world

Now optimised for your device

iPad displaying ChoraLine Shop screen of ChoraLine app

Bring your score to life

with Messiah rehearsal recordings tailored to your Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass voice.

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'ChoraLine made learning the Messiah by Handel so easy. I'll definitely be using it to prepare for all future concerts."

- David from Birmingham (Bass)

Sing Your Notes Perfectly 

'The more confident you are in your voice part, the more you contribute to your choir!'

Learn your part for Handel's Messiah with ease and confidence from your phone or iPad. 

The app puts specialist rehearsal recordings of over 120 choral works at your fingertips, ready to download at your convenience. The exclusive features of ChoraLine include: 

- High quality audio produced by a BBC sound engineer


- Hear your part played note-perfect on an instrument that's clear and prominent

- Or choose a 'With Singer' version to hear your part sung by a professional singer

- The music is split into achievable sections, making it easier to learn at your own pace


- A narrator calls out 'verbal signposts' to guide you through your vocal score


- Rehearse tricky passages over and over using the 'loop' function


- Adjust the playback speed to help you learn difficult passages at your own pace


No more guessing your notes!

Arrive at practice or a Come and Sing event fully prepared to sing the Messiah—you'll save time, sing with confidence and impress your musical director. 

No more searching for tracks!

Your collection of Messiah rehearsal recordings is easy to find within the app and tracks are available to download instantly after purchase. 

No internet? No problem!

Download tracks to practise in the car or on a walk—wherever the music takes you! Your downloads are easy to find and easy to manage. 

Tenor or Bass singer using ChoraLine app on a phone

3 Messiah Products Available on the App: 


1. Use the app to listen and learn from a stunning choral performance!

2. Learn your words and notes with the ChoraLine 'With Singer' rehearsal recording!

3. Learn your notes and practice with the ChoraLine instrumental rehearsal recording!

Choir using folders supplied by ChoraLine

Graded Vocal Exercises to Warm Up Your Voice: 

Vocal Exercises by Deborah Miles-Johnson

Use the app to access ChoraLine's bestselling vocal warm-up recording - the easiest way to warm up for singing the Messiah! 

Deborah Miles-Johnson Vocal Exercises available on ChoraLine app


ChoraLine has been innovating the art of choral learning for twenty-five years. We’ve provided scores and specialist learning tools to thousands of singers over the years, and our customers have sung in many of the world’s most prestigious choral music venues. Now it’s your turn.


Are you ready to unlock the art of choral learning?

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