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Download Exclusive Free Gifts 

The app includes a range of free gifts - resources for choral singers that you can download for free as soon as you log in.


These include German pronunciation guides for Beethoven's 9th Symphony/Choral Fantasia and Brahms' Ein Deutsches Requiem. The recordings are designed to be used in conjunction with a comprehensive digital 'booklet' - click the 'PDF' buttons below to download the booklets to your computer or device. 

We have also produced special Handel Messiah 'rehearsal scores' for Sopranos and Altos. These simplified versions of the full score are the perfect companion to your ChoraLine rehearsal recording. Best of all - they're free to download by clicking the 'PDF' buttons below! 

You can also download a free guide to learning your voice part - an essential read for every choral singer! 

German Pronunciation Guide for Beethoven's 9th Symphony/Choral Fantasia: 

German Pronunciation Guide for Brahms' Ein Deutsches Requiem: 

'Sing Handel Messiah' - Rehearsal Score for Soprano: 

'Sing Handel Messiah' - Rehearsal Score for Alto: 

A Guide to Learning your Voice Part:  

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